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Eeva Putro is a Finnish multilingual actress, fluent in Finnish, Swedish, English, and Russian. Eeva Putro completed her MA in film and theatre acting in St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts in 2008.


Eeva Putro has performed in numerous film, tv-, and theatre productions in Finland and abroad, including several productions at the Finnish National Theatre. Work engagements abroad include theatre and film roles in Russia, Denmark, and Sweden.


Her most recent film and tv-roles are, among others, in the following feature films: “Tove” (2020, Finland, Sweden), “Breeder” (2020, Denmark), “Gone” (2019, Finland),  “Innuendo” (2017, Australia, Finland), “The Unknown Soldier” (2017, Finland) and the tv-series "The Elf Academy" (2019, Finland). She also starred in the short film ”Sirocco” that won the Grand Prix at the Odense Film Festival in 2013.

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